July 4, 2016 @ 7:10 AM

      DOB - 1995-2016
It is never easy to say goodbye to a faithful friend.  Whiskey has been at Wildwood Stables since 2006 and was very special.  He was a beautiful and wonderful trail horse.  With people, especially children, he was a gentleman.   We often used him for pony rides.  He was always eager to work and play.  
Out in the fields with his herd, he was the alpha male.  The mares loved  him.  For a time, his sister Foxy, was with us before going to another home for rehabilitation.  They used to run and frollic together.  He was the king of the herd.  I know his companions will miss him as much as we will. 
Whiskey was a TWH Cross palomino.  RIP Whiskey. We love you and will miss you sweet boy!