Standing Tall Life Skills Program

Standing Tall Life Skills Program is is for students aged seven to adult.  This program provides a safe environment for improving physical agility, communication and social skills with the use of our horses.  

Under the direction of Susan Greer-Day, Certified Path Instructor, volunteers will serve as mentors, horse leaders and side-walkers during the program.  Volunteers do not need experience with horses, but a desire and a commitment for the program.  All volunteers will be thoroughly trained.    

The curriculum will include yoga for calming and centering, barn chores for responsibility, learning  communication skills using horses, caring for the horse and bonding with other children.  Each week introduces a life skill.  On the final week, each child will demonstrate their independence and skills by taking a horse out for a trail ride.  The Kids will be "Standing Tall" and ready to face new challenges with confidence and grace. These skills will be played forward to improve relationships within their family life and community.

We also offer a two hour class for adults, groups, and individuals who need one-on-one experience, by appointment only.

If you would like to be a part of this unique groundbreaking program, please download the application and either email it to or mail to Standing Tall Life Skills, Inc. at 116 Flossmoor Circle, Crossville, TN  38558.  

Standing Tall Program

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Back Story Statement of Faith:  It has been my vision since we opened Wildwood Stables to provide horse therapy for kids.  I felt the Lord had called me to Tennessee, this place and this mission.  Wildwood is a special place and people from all over the world have enjoyed its beauty, the serenity of our sycamore tree and trails, and our wonderful horses.  It is a place where families can relax and just BE.  This came close to my vision, but I still felt there was more that I needed to do.  We could not get the right program, the time was not right, not the right instructor, etc.  I gave up.  I asked God's forgiveness that I had failed him.  Soon after, he brought an instructor to meet us.  She was the perfect fit.  Under her expertise and guidance, we designed a very unique hybrid program teaching life skills with an equine component.  A few days later another instructor, moved to Fairfield and stopped in to offer her services.  

I am in awe and humbled by God's direction in bringing the Standing Tall Program to life.  All the pieces are falling into place.  It is true when I let go and let Him do the work, it happened!  I can hardly wait to see what HE has in store for the kids, volunteers and our community.

Note: Our first instructor has decided to move on to another pasture. We wish her the best as she pursues her dream.  Susan Greer-Day will be leading the program in 2019.

-Michelle Salazar